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Published papers

·        “Subjective Poverty in Luanda”, communication presented to VIII the Portuguese-Afro-Brazilian Congress of Social Sciences (Coimbra, 2004), http://www.ces.uc.pt/lab2004 /pdfs/PaulodeCarvalho.pdf

·        “Wykluczenie spoleczne w Angoli”, Afryka (Warsaw) nº 17, 2003, pp. 17-38

·        “Angola”, in: African Higher Education. An International Reference Handbook, Damtew Teferra & Philip Altbach (ed.), Indiana University Press, Bloomington & Indianapolis 2003, pp. 162-175 [co-authorship with Víctor Kajibanga & Franz Heimer]

·        “Social Structure of Colonial Angola”, Kulonga (Luanda) nº 2, 2002, pp. 73-92

·        “Social Exclusion in Angola”, Kulonga (Luanda) nº 1, 2002, pp. 41-58

·        “War, never more!”, Política Internacional (Lisbon) nº 25, 2002, pp. 157-163

·        “Genesis of the Angolan Conflict”, Encontros, nº 6, 2001, pp. 119-125

·        “The nature of the Angolan Conflict”, in: V.A. Angola. A Festa e o Luto. 25 anos de independência, Vega, Lisbon 2000, pp. 87-99

·        “War and Peace in the eyes of the inhabitants of Luanda”, La Réconciliation en Angola. Une Contribution pour la Paix en Afrique Australe, Éditions du Centre Culturel Angolais, Paris 2000, pp. 92-110

·        “Nation in Angola: from utopia to reality“, La Societé en Angola: Ethnies et Cultures, Éditions du Centre Culturel Angolais, Paris 1999, pp. 123-134

·        “Selective Exchange Politics”, Ngola – Revista de Estudos Sociais, vol. I, nº 1, 1997, pp. 217-247

·        “Reflections on wage politics”, África (Center of African Studies of the University of S. Paulo), nº 18-19 (I), 1995/1996, pp. 257-268

·        “Values and aspirations of two secondary classrooms of Luanda”, Paix, Progrès et Démocratie en Angola, Éditions du Centre Culturel Angolais, Paris 1994, pp. 63-75

·        “Adaptation of foreign students in Poland and their academic success”, Z problematyki swojskosci i obcosci w spoleczenstwie polskim, S. Lodzinski (ed.), University of Warsaw, Warsaw 1990, pp. 101-110

Papers in congresses and conferences

·        December 2006 – “Poverty as a factor of social exclusion", Workshop on Human Rights and Poverty (Parliament - Luanda, Angola)

·        December of 2006 – “The question of culture at the genesis of the MPLA", Meeting "The MPLA and the Culture" (Luanda, Angola)

·        November 2006 – "Street gangs in Luanda: from hobby to delinquency ", IX Portuguese-Afro-Brazilian Congress of Social Sciences (Luanda, Angola)

·        October 2006 – "Delinquency as a social problem in Angola", Scientific Day of the Students of Capolo – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Luanda, Angola)

·        September 2006 – "Is there nation in Angola?", Nucleus of Verbal Literature (Luanda, Angola)

·        September 2006 – "State, nation and ethnic groups in Angola", III Symposium on National Culture in Angola (Luanda, Angola)

·        August 2006 – "The role of the political parties in the scope of democracy in Angola", inauguration of the project “Programming of the Political Parties in Angola”, by the Foundation Friedrich Ebert (Luanda, Angola)

·        August 2006 – "The importance of media in the civic education for the electoral process in Angola", cycle Human Media, Elections and Rights, promoted by the Union of Angolan Journalists (Luanda, Angola)

·        August 2006 – "Outsourcing. The case of EDEL", II Techniques Journey of the EDEL (Luanda, Angola)

·        August 2006 – "State and nation in Angola", Ministry of Culture

·        May 2006 – "Social Integration and autonomy of the most vulnerable groups in Angola", Consulting board of the Ministry of Social Assistance and Reinsertion (Luanda, Angola)

·        May 2006 – "The insertion of young social scientists in work market in Angola", cycle of conferences of the Association of Students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University Agostinho Neto

·        November 2005 – "30 years of independence in Angola: The level of life of the Angolans ", in the scope of the commemoration of the 30 years of independence of Angola (Warsaw, Poland)

·        August 2005 – "Street gangs in Luanda. Delinquency as a way of life", IX Technician-scientific Days of FESA (Luanda, Angola)

·        July 2005 – "Research methods in social sciences", Faculty of Hamanities and Social Sciences of the University Agostinho Neto

·        July 2005 – "Human Development in Angola", Congress of Angolan Students in South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa) [ Also presented in November of 2005, at the Cycle of conferences of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University Agostinho Neto]

·        June 2005 – "Citizenship as factor of social inclusion", Electoral Officials Course (Ministry of Administration of the Territory - Luanda, Angola)

·        March 2005 – "The role of family in society", Cycle on the Family – Moral and Cultural Values, by the National Radio of Angola–RNA (Luanda, Angola)

·        December 2004 – "Ways of life and survival strategies of the disabled in Luanda", Scientific-Pedagogical Days of the ISCED of Luanda (Luanda, Angola)

·        November 2004 – "The Aged and Development", 1st National Meeting on Protection and Social Assistance to the Elderly (Luanda, Angola)

·        November 2004 – "The role of media in electoral context", IV Scientific Days of Media (Luanda, Angola)

·        November 2004 – "Social Inclusion through the complementary social welfare", 1st International Seminary on Pension Fund in Angola (Luanda, Angola)

·        November 2004 – "Good governance, transparency and official statistics", Angolan Week of Statistics (Sumbe, Angola)

·        October 2004 – "Social Exclusion in Angola", Chat about Sociology, by the Angolan Society of Sociology (Luanda, Angola)

·        September 2004 – "The subjective dimension of poverty in Luanda", VIII Portuguese-Afro-Brazilian Congress of Social Sciences (Coimbra, Portugal)

·        April 2004 – "The importance of polls for the companies of energy distribution and its impact on the economic development of Angola", Company of Electric Distribution in Luanda–EDEL (Luanda, Angola)

·        January 2003 – "Social Exclusion in Angola", Master on Development and International Cooperation, the Superior Institute of Economy and Management–ISEG (Lisbon, Portugal)

·        November of 2002 – academic conference about “The social sciences in Angola”, for occasion of the homage in the ISCED of the University Agostinho Neto, for the reception of the National Prize of Culture and Arts 2002, in the modality of humanities and social sciences research

·        June 2002 – Round Table "Actual Transitions in Angola", organized by the Center of African Studies of the ISCTE (Lisbon, Portugal)

·        May 2002 – "Social Exclusion in Angola", International Conference "New Research on Lusophone Africa", organized by the King's College of London (London, England)

·        October 2000 – "Social Exclusion in Angola", Workshop about Poverty and Development: Global dimension and instruments of combat (Luanda, Angola)

·        May 2000 – "War and Peace in the eyes of Luanda inhabitants", Conference La Reconciliation en Angola: une contribution pour la paix en Afrique Australe (Paris, France)

·        November 1999 – "Reflections on the production and use of statistical information", Angolan Week of Statistics (Luanda, Angola)

·        August 1999 – "The impact of the Angolan political and economical crisis in the quality of life of the populations", Forum Win the Struggle against Hunger and Misery (Luanda, Angola)

·        June 1999 – "Nation in Angola. From utopia to reality", Conference La Société en Angola: Éthnies et Cultures (Paris, France)

·        November 1998 – "The adaptation to the academic environment and the school success", Forum about Superior Education in Angola (Luanda, Angola)

·        September 1998 – "Inflation in Angola", 1st Days on Economy of Angola (Luanda, Angola)

·        January 1997 – "Social Structure in Colonial Angola", Cycle of conferences of ISCED (Luanda, Angola)

·        January 1996 – "Research, advertising and marketing", 1st Seminary on Communication, Advertising and Marketing (Luanda, Angola)

·        May 1995 – "Moral Norms and Values among youth", ANGOP (Luanda, Angola)

·        July 1994 – "Angola: Social structure of the colonial society ", III Portuguese-Afro-Brazilian Congress of Social Sciences (Lisbon, Portugal)

·        February 1994 – "Values and aspirations of two secondary classrooms of Luanda", Conference Angola: Peace, Progress, Democracy (Paris, France)

·        January 1994 – "Nation and Homeland: a sociological perspective", Day of the Angolan Culture (Luanda, Angola)

·        June 1993 - "Reflections on wage politics", Meeting on Economy of Angola (Luanda, Angola)

·        May 1989 – "Social Structure and language: the case of colonial Angola", 1st Symposium on Angolan Culture (Porto, Portugal)

·        1987/1989 - Conferences and seminaries organized by different departments of the University of Warsaw