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About Me
A sociologist in Luanda (Angola)
I was born in Luanda (Angola), the 25th August 1960.

I've studed sociology at the University of Warsaw (M.A. at 1990) and at ISCTE (Lisbon, Portugal, Ph.D. at 2004). I'm a Ph.D. in sociology.

As an Associate Professor, I'm teaching statistics, methodology of sociological research, and social problems of Angola at the public university in Luanda - the University Agostinho Neto.

I'm a senior researcher at the University Agostinho Neto and at Consulteste.

Who am I?
I have written 5 books and a few papers in sociology. They have been published in Warsaw, Paris, Oeiras, Coimbra, S. Paulo and Luanda.

The most important books are Angola. How much time left untill tomorrow? (Oeiras, 2002), Media Audience in Luanda (Luanda, 2002), Students from overseas in Poland (Warsaw, 1990), Social Structure in Colonial Angola (Warsaw, 1989).

  Student career

Doctorate in Sociology: concluded in July 2004, at ISCTE – University Sciences of the Work and Enterprise (Lisbon, Portugal), with "commendation and distinction, by unanimity" («louvor e distinção, por unanimidade»). Ph.D. thesis: "Social Exclusion in Angola. The case of handicapped of Luanda".

M.A. in Sociology "with distinction" – 1990, University of Warsaw.

Graduation: Sociology at the University of Warsaw (Poland) – from 1985 to 1990. Grade average: 91.15%

High and secondary school: Liceum Paulo Dias de Novais (Luanda) and Liceum Salvador Correia de Sá (Luanda) – concluded at 1977.

Primary and preparatory school: Lobito (Angola).

Professional activity

·        January 2005-April 2006: Head (Director) of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University Agostinho Neto (Luanda, Angola)

·        Since 1996: lecturer at University Agostinho Neto – assistant (1996-1999), auxiliary professor (1999-2003), associated professor (since September 2003); regent of subjects: statistics, methodology of sociological research, social problems of Angola and sociology of consumption

·        1999-2005: member of the editorial advice of the magazine "Economia & Mercado", edited in Luanda

·        Since May 1998: author of the weekly page to the consumer, "Consumindo", at the daily "Jornal de Angola" (Luanda)

·        1998-2001: Conception and coordination of the educative program of TPA–Public Television of Angola, "Our Generation" («A Nossa Geração»)

·        From 1994: consultant, with office in Luanda. Administrator of Consulteste Ltd, Angolan company of public opinion and marketing research

·        1993-1995: articles about economic and social analysis for "Telejornal", the newscast of TPA–Public Television of Angola

·        Since 1993: articles published in following newspapers: "Jornal de Angola", "Correio da Semana", "Agora", "Angolense" and "Semanário Angolense" (Luanda) and "InformÁfrica Confidencial" (Lisbon)

·        1992-1993: OXFAM – administrator of the Representation in Luanda and information officer

·        1991-1992: Director of the Press Centre “Aníbal de Melo” (Luanda).

·        1990-1991: Ministry of Information (Luanda) - head of the Department of Analysis of Information

·        1979-1984: Ministry of Culture – cultural agent 1st grade, head of the Department of Houses of Culture (1981-1883), head of the Department of Spectacles (1983-1984)

Personal data & Address

Name: Paulo H. S. Carvalho

Filiation: Sidónio Castelbranco de Carvalho and Josefa Segismundo Sequeira

Date of birth: 25th August 1960

Place of birth: Luanda, Angola

Nationality: Angolan

Profession: Sociologist & Economic Journalist




Dr. Paulo de Carvalho 

Caixa Postal 420

Luanda – Angola

Telefax (244) 222396928

Paris, March 2000